Havana, Cuba - Photo by Krystal Rolo

Havana, Cuba - Photo by Krystal Rolo


Who is welmis?






Raised in a culture full of closed minds and stagnant routines, I wasn’t expected to be a courageous world traveler. I was supposed to keep my world small, to make the Dominican Republic my only travel destination, and to be like everyone else.

I pushed past this fear-based mentality nearly three years ago, when I spontaneously booked a solo-trip to Hawaii. That first soul-enriching journey transformed me into the kind of person that studies abroad in Italy, backpacks through Southeast Asia, and sets out to inspire others to do the same.

The Soul Flight exists to show underrepresented communities what lies on the other side of fear and to provide them with the tools to make their wildest travel dreams happen.

No, I am not rich. I’m just a girl who refused to be held back. Will you join me?

In the meantime, here’s a glimpse of my adventures, featured in Grammarly’s Write The Future series: