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How To Pack Smart for Travel

It is so easy to overpack and ironically, to forget essential items. I used to do this as well, packing way more clothes and accessories than necessary


My First Solo Trip 

“Are you crazy?! Weren’t you scared?! Didn’t you get bored?”, are the questions I’m asked when I tell people that I traveled to Hawaii by myself.

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Conquering my biggest fear 

One of the things that I love most about travel, is the fact that every trip is a new opportunity to grow, to become stronger, learn something new, or in the case of my Croatia trip, to conquer a deep fear.

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10 tips for visiting Cuba 

Cuba is very different from any country you'll ever visit, and there are many things you may not anticipate. Here are the top 10 tips I learned from my experience traveling to Cuba, I hope you find them helpful!


How To Really Afford Travel 

There are hundreds of posts out there telling you how to afford travel, but what they’re really telling you is, how to afford travel once you already have some money. But what if you don’t?